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DOCS Faculty

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Sara Bennett DVM

Clinical Assistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine

Adam Birkenheuer

Assistant Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Ed Breitschwerdt

Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Megan Burke

Asst Clinical Professor

Erin Frey

Assistant Research Professor

Tracy Gieger

Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology

Liara Gonzalez

Assistant Professor of Equine Surgery and Gastroenterology

Margaret Gruen DVM

Associate Professor of Behavioral Medicine

Karyn Harrell

Assistant Professor-Veterinarian-CVM

Kate Hepworth

Asst Clinical Professor

Paul Hess

Associate Professor, Oncology & Immunology

Carrie Jacobs

Assistant Clinical Professor, Equine Orthopedic Surgery

Sam Jones

Professor of Equine Medicine

B. Duncan Lascelles

Professor of Comparative and Translational Pain Research & Management

Greg Lewbart

Professor of Aquatic Animal Medicine

Steven Marks

Associate Dean and Director of Veterinary Medical Services

Kyle Mathews

Professor - Small Animal Surgery

Sarah Musulin

Clinical Associate Professor, Emergency & Critical Care

Timo Prange

Associate Clinical Professor, Equine Surgery

Mariea Ross-Estrada

Assistant Clinical Professor of Small Animal Primary Care

Lauren Schnabel

Assistant Professor Equine Orthopedic Surgery

Breanna Sheahan

Asst Professor of Equine Medicine

Amy Snyder

Associate Clinical Professor

Karen Tefft

Associate Clinical Professor

Kara Walker

Asst Research Professor