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Graduate work in the Pathology Concentration Area includes research at the molecular and cellular level in infectious disease pathogenesis, oncology, toxicology, hematology, and immunology. Research approaches employ a wide variety of molecular, biochemical, pharmacological, and microscopic techniques, utilizing cell culture and whole organisms. Students selecting Pathology will focus on one or more of these areas.

A highly individualized curriculum of study is designed to meet the needs and interests of the student while satisfying selected requirements by the faculty. These include courses in advanced systemic histopathology, toxicologic pathology, avian pathology, and seminar courses in clinical, necropsy, and surgical pathology. Additional courses may be chosen by the student and his/her advisor from a large number of college and university offerings. An appropriate level of competence in diagnostic pathology must be demonstrated by examination before completion of the graduate program.

Courses Required for the Pathology Concentration

CBS 795 General Pathology (3 credits)

CBS 810 Seminar in Pathology (1 credit; 3 credits total for doctoral students; minimum 2 credits total for master’s students)

Name Email Concentration Research Emphasis
Luke Borst Pathology Pathogenic Enterococcus Cecorum, Enterococcal Spondylitis (Kinky Back)
John Cullen Pathology Drug-induced hepatic disease, animal models of viral hepatitis
Oscar Fletcher Pathology Basic Responses of Avian Tissues to Injury
Erika Gruber  Immunology, Pathology Regulation of macrophage function
Mac Law Pathology Mechanistic investigations using histopathology, molecular biology, and analytical techniques
Keith Linder Pathology Concentration Leader Skin Pathology, Comparative Pathology
Robert Smart Cell Biology, Pathology DNA damage response, apoptosis and cancer
Steven Suter Cell Biology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Pathology Genetics and Therapy of Cancer