DVM Admission

Admission to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at NC State is competitive.

Admission to the DVM Program

NC State announces the following advisory to admissions requirements for the 2022 admissions cycle.

  1. P/F grades:  NC State will allow a Pass in P/F or Satisfactory in the S/U grading systems for prerequisites completed in Spring or Summer 2020. For Fall 2020, P/F and S/U will be accepted if it’s the only option at the institution. A letter grade is expected if it is an option.  Letter grades with at least a C- or better will be required in all semesters following Spring and Summer 2020.
    • (a) courses submitted in the P/F or S/U scale will not be factored into the Required Course GPA calculation
    • A “Pass” or “Satisfactory” grade for a prerequisite taken in Spring or Summer 2020 will be accepted in any future admissions cycle.
  2. GRE:  NC State has removed the GRE as a requirement for admission into the DVM program, starting with the 2021 admissions cycle.
  3. LORs: NC State will continue to require three (3) letters of recommendations. Additionally, we still highly recommend that 2 of 3 letters come from DVMs or PhD scientists with whom you have worked.
  4. Experience Hours: NC State requires 200 hours of veterinary experience hours.

Please contact the Student Services Office at if you have any questions about these changes.

Admission to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at NC State Veterinary Medicine is competitive. To maximize your chances of acceptance, we recommend you carefully read through the current eligibility criteria and follow the steps in the application process.
Most often, successful candidates:

Whether you’re a student, advisor, pre-applicant, or just someone interested in the profession of veterinary medicine, the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), offers helpful information.

The University complies with all Federal and State statutes regarding nondiscrimination. While applications for nonresidents are accepted, distinct admission priority is given to residents of North Carolina. To determine if you qualify, or what it takes to qualify, as a resident of North Carolina read the information here.

Prospective clinical students from St. George’s or Ross, please read this information.

Applicants are evaluated on their academic performance, their understanding of the veterinary medical profession, their achievements, and their professional potential.

Pre-veterinary students can pursue any undergraduate major they choose, and the required pre-professional courses can be obtained through the curricula of a number of fields of study. An undergraduate degree, however, is not required for admission. “Pre-vet” is not a major; it is a track that can be chosen within a major. Popular majors for pre-professional students include animal science, poultry science, zoology, biology, biochemistry, and microbiology. Applicants must only complete prerequisite courses to fulfill academic admission requirements.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (919) 513-6262.

NOTE: the criteria for admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine are determined and reviewed periodically by the Dean and the Faculty Committee on Admissions. The Admissions Committee is comprised of faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine with representatives from the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, the North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the University of North Carolina system. Changes in the admissions process may be made without announcement as a result of continual review by the Faculty Committee on Admissions. 


If you plan on applying to NC State for the 2023 admissions cycle, please note the following process change.  

Applicants will only be able to access the NC State supplemental application following both the submission of the VMCAS application and the application moving to the “Complete” or “Verified” stage at the VMCAS level.  Therefore, it is recommended that you submit your application by August 15 in order to allow processing time by VMCAS to increase your access time with the supplemental application.  Please take all parts of the application into consideration (application, fee, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.)

NC State University Veterinary Medicine requires applicants to submit the following:

  1. Veterinary Medical College Application Service(VMCAS) application; Deadline: Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 11:59pm ET
  2. NC State Supplemental Application; Deadline: Monday, September 26, 2022 at 1:00pm ET
  3. Official transcripts of completed coursework;
  4. Beginning with the 2021 admissions cycle, NC State no longer requires the GRE for admission into the DVM program.
  5. INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS ONLY – English proficiency test.


The VMCAS application is processed by VMCAS. The NC State Supplemental Application is processed by the Student Services Office at NC State CVM.

The application window opens in May of each year and closes in September. Applications are reviewed in the fall and decisions are made in winter. Admitted applicants have until April 15th of each year to accept an offer of admission.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to review VMCAS and NC State CVM admissions requirements before submitting an application.

Deadlines to submit applications:

  • VMCAS Application – September 15 at 11:59pm ET of the admissions cycle year. Early submission of your application and credentials allows you to verify that your materials have been received before the deadline. We recommend submitting your application by September 1.  If you have questions, contact VMCAS via one of the following: phone: 617-612-2884; fax: 617-612-2051; email:
  • NC State Supplemental Application – September 30 of the admissions cycle year (unless it falls on the weekend; the deadline then moves to the following Monday). Make sure to save and submit before 1:00pm ET. It is the applicant’s responsibility to access the supplemental application and submit it online by the deadline. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to pay the non-refundable $75.00 supplemental application fee when the supplemental application is complete and prior to the deadline. Instructions regarding the online fee payment are included with the supplemental application.

Email is a primary form of notification. Please maintain a valid email address that will accept email from our account –Hotmail and MSN accounts often reject mail from NC State University. It is your responsibility to monitor your e-mail account. Failure to receive e-mail that has been properly sent by the Student Services Office will not be considered as an excuse for missing deadlines. Additionally, we recommended that you use e-mail addresses that include a first name (or initial) and a last name. Please refrain from using unique handles that are often identified as spam (i.e.,

We suggest using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser. Applicants have experienced problems with other browsers.

Applicants should also update the Student Services Office with any contact information changes during the admissions cycle.

NOTE: All application materials become property of the NC State CVM Student Services Office upon submission. Applicants will not be provided access to materials at any point during or after the admissions cycle. If an applicant is admitted and matriculates to the NC State CVM, then relevant FERPA regulations apply. 


All applicants must submit transcripts of completed coursework. In addition to processing applications, VMCAS also verifies transcripts. In order to allow enough time for the transcript verification process, we suggest you submit your transcripts by August 15 (this is the requested due date; not the postmark date). For details on what courses are required read our eligibility criteria.


If you are completing coursework in the fall semester you are required to submit fall official transcripts to NC State (not VMCAS) at the completion of the semester but no later than February 1. Due to the volume of applications received, exceptions to this deadline will not be considered. Applicants, who are offered admission, and are completing courses in the spring semester of the application cycle must submit official transcripts to the CVM Student Services Office by June 1 showing conferral of degree, completion of courses (whether prerequisites or not), or both (if applicable). Applicants may not complete prerequisites the summer session(s) immediately preceding matriculation (if admitted).

To submit your transcript:

  • Carefully follow the VMCAS transcript submission directions as a new verification process has been implemented. All transcripts must be mailed to VMCAS. Do not send your transcripts to NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • VMCAS will match your coursework line by line against your official transcript to ensure you have correctly entered your courses. We encourage you to submit your application early.
  • You must submit official transcripts of ALL post-secondary coursework regardless of the number of courses completed at one institution or whether the courses fulfill or don’t fulfill prerequisites.
  • Official transcripts must arrive in sealed envelopes prepared by the granting institution.
  • Submit one transcript per institution by the deadline.  Submit another transcript for any courses completed in the fall of the admissions cycle.  Admitted applicants will be required to submit final spring transcripts or any transcript verifying receipt of a degree.
  • If courses taken at one college have been transferred to another college, you must submit official transcripts from both institutions if all of the courses are not listed with grades on the accepting college transcript.
  • Applicants completing coursework in a Study Abroad program must follow the VMCAS Study Abroad guidelines.
  • NC State University undergraduates, graduate students and non-degree seeking students must request an official transcript from the Registration and Records Office to be sent to VMCAS.
  • Mail transcripts toVMCAS – Transcripts P.O. Box 9126Watertown, MA 02471
  • Fall and Spring transcripts (if your are accepted or wait-listed) should be sent to: NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Student Services Office, 1060 William Moore Drive, Box 8401, Raleigh, NC 27607. Student grade reports and other unofficial documentation will not be accepted in lieu of official transcripts. Any candidate submitting fraudulent information, omits academic history or fails to include required materials will be disqualified immediately.
    • Electronic transcripts: if your issuing institution has the ability to send electronic transcripts, have them sent electronically to 

International applicants, as well as US resident applicants attending colleges outside the United States must have all international academic transcripts evaluated by a credentialed evaluation service. Applicants should use World Education Services in order to have the credentials verified by VMCAS.

International Students

If you are an international applicant, or a US resident (regardless of citizenship) attending college outside the United States you must also submit proof of English proficiency.


Send and Verify

All application materials must be sent directly to VMCAS except Fall/Springtranscripts of application year. Applications are sent via online submission, however, your initial official transcripts (including college courses taken while still in high school, undergraduate, graduate, study abroad, non-degree seeking, distance education or continuing education) must be sent by the granting institution directly to VMCAS at:

VMCAS – Transcripts
P.O. Box 9126
Watertown, MA 02471

If you have been accepted and enrolled, send your Fall and Spring transcripts (if applicable) to:

NC State Veterinary Medicine
Student Services Office
1060 William Moore Drive
Box 8401
Raleigh, NC 27607

VERIFY! We highly recommend you verify receipt of your materials through your VMCAS portal. Following the application deadline, the Student Services Office will verify receipt of credentials as part of the application verification process. This could take several weeks. Please note that it is your responsibility to submit all required credentials in advance of the deadline to avoid potential delivery issues.

Due to the volume of inquiries and applications, we do not verify credentials over the phone.

You may contact the Student Services Office at if you have any questions concerning the admissions process. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

The CVM uses a holistic approach to application review.  No points or weight are assigned to any specific element of an applicant’s admission packet. The CVM admission and vision statements are used as guides in packet review, with multiple dimensions of each admission packet considered.  These dimensions include but are not limited to veterinary and animal experience, educational experience, research and work experience, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, perseverance through personal hardship, community service, and the diverse perspectives a candidate will bring to the program.

Application packets are reviewed for completeness of the VMCAS application and NC State-specific supplemental applications.  Incomplete application packets are not considered.  Complete applications are reviewed to ensure that the applicants meet current eligibility criteria. These applications are then moved to the NC State CVM Admissions Committee for full review.

Each application packet is reviewed separately by three members of the Admissions Committee.  Each reviewer ranks the applicant packets assigned to them individually.  The rankings within each team are then reviewed collectively, providing each member the opportunity to revise their final rankings.  Final rankings are reviewed by the full Admissions Committee.  The Admissions Committee then recommends cut-off points for admission and wait-listing.  This list is submitted to the Dean, who makes the final decision on admission offers.

Because approximately 80% of seats in each class are reserved for North Carolina residents, resident and non-resident applicants are reviewed and ranked separately.

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