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CVM Internships

CVM house officer programs are amongst the strongest and broadest in the world, with an outstanding applicant pool, and a superb cadre of specialists committed to their training.

Hands-On Experience. In-Depth Knowledge.

The college offers a wide variety of internship and residency programs for specialized clinical training.  Some of the clinical training programs can be combined with Masters of Specialized Veterinary Medicine or Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Internship programs are one-year programs that provide an intensive experience in managing cases under direct faculty supervision.
Our rotating internship provides advanced clinical training for graduate veterinarians wishing to perform an advanced level of private small animal practice, enter a small animal residency program, or to develop greater clinical knowledge and skills prior to entering a research career in either industry, government, or graduate work.

Summer Research Internship

This summer internship is designed for students in their first or second year of the Veterinary Medicine program. The majority of students entering the DVM program do so largely because of interests related to private practice. This is an opportunity for students to explore other areas of veterinary medicine and, perhaps, to consider alternative careers in clinical or basic science.

More about the summer research internship program

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