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Small Animal Internal Medicine Clinician Investigator Program

Name Date PhD Boards Job
Russell Greene 1984 Microbiology Medicine Specialty Practice
Sylvester Price 1985 Pharmtoxicology Medicine Industry
Shelly Vaden 1986 Pharmtoxicology Medicine Professor, NC State
Leah Cohn 1987 Morphology Medicine Professor, Univ. of Missouri
Rance Sellon 1988 Immunology Medicine, Oncology Professor, Washington State
Cathy Baty 1989 Virology Medicine Res Assist Prof University of Pittsburgh
Julie Levy 1990 Immunology Medicine Professor, Univ. of Florida
Karyn Harrell 1993 N/A Medicine Clin Assist Prof, NC State
Paul Hess* 1994 Immunology Medicine, Oncology Associate Professor, NC State
Jody Gookin 1995 Physiology Medicine Professor, NC State
Adam Birkenheuer 1996 Immunology Medicine Professor, NC State
Karine Savary 1997 N/A Medicine Industry, Zoetis
Robin Hopwood 1998 Immunology Medicine Specialty Practice
Amanda Gaskin 1999 N/A Medicine Specialty Practice
Barrak Pressler 2000 Immunology Medicine Industry, Idexx
Angela Mexas 2001 Immunology Medicine Specialty Practice
Jonathan Fogle 2002 Immunology Medicine Assoc Prof, NC State
Michael Wood 2003 Comp Biomed Sci Medicine Assist Prof, UW-Madison
Dana LeVine 2005 Comp Biomed Sci Medicine Assoc Prof, Auburn University
Tracy Hill 2006 Comp Biomed Sci Medicine Clinical Assoc Prof, U. of Minnesota
Katie Tolbert 2007 Comp Biomed Sci Medicine Assist Prof, Texas A&M
Liz Lennon 2008 Comp Biomed Sci Medicine Assistant Prof, U. of Pennsylvania
Allie Mazepa 2009 N/A Medicine Specialty Practice
Kristin Manning 2011 N/A Medicine Specialty Practice
Jenessa Winston 2012 Comp Biomed Sci Medicine Assist Prof, The Ohio State University
Claire Wiley 2014 Comp Biomed Sci Medicine PhD in progress
Erin Lashnits 2015  Comp Biomed Sci Medicine Assist Prof, UW-Madison
Allison Rowland 2016   Pending PhD in progress
Barry Hedgespeth 2017   Medicine PhD in progress
Taylor Gin 2018   Pending PhD in progress
John Shamoun 2020   Pending Residency in progress
Matthew Price 2021 Pending Residency in progress

* Clinician Investigator Program receives official recognition