Human Resources – CVM Employment Opportunities and Information

The College of Veterinary Medicine is a professional school engaged in research, teaching, clinical service and public outreach.

The College is responsible for DVM Professional degrees and Postdoctoral and graduate training.

The current Teaching Hospital is a 65,000 square foot advanced veterinary hospital that provides tertiary care for a wide variety of animal species and serves as an environment for training approximately 76 professional students, 20 contract professional students, 81 house officers and numerous domestic and internal visitors.

There are over 608 full-time, part-time, and 240 temporary employees who comprise the Centennial Biomedical Campus.

Advanced Bird Care

Career Opportunities

To see what jobs are available at the College and the Hospital, visit the University’s online job search interface.
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Post Doc Internships and Residencies Opportunities (House Officer Program)

In addition to graduate and professional degrees, the college offers a wide variety of internship and residency programs for specialized clinical training.  Some of the clinical training programs can be combined with Masters of Specialized Veterinary Medicine or Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Resources for Hiring Managers and Search Committee Members