Human Resources – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often do I get paid?

A. EPA, SPA, & Post Docs are paid on the last working day of the month. The pay you receive is for the current month. Example: Your paycheck received on May 29th is for the month of May. Any additional compensation generally is paid a month behind. Temporary Employees and Graduate Students are paid on a biweekly basis. Please refer to the CVM-Human Resources Calendar for pay dates.

Q. How do I find Employee Self Service and View my Paycheck?

A. Please refer to the step by step directions on the Controller’s information page:

Q. I have moved and have a new address how do I update my information?

A. You can update your home address for payroll purposes by visiting Employee Self Service within MyPack Portal. You can also change other personal and payroll Information. To change your address and to confirm contact information for benefits provider(s) please review the instructions and contact information here.

Q. I am leaving the University what do I do now?

A. Please make sure you visit the offboarding resources page which provides instructions, recommendations and templates for use in offboarding. Plan a meeting with your supervisor and also, contact your departmental administrative support or a CVM Human Resources team member to ensure your leave is closed out and to complete an exit survey. This meeting will also provide you time to review any questions you may still have.

Q. I am a supervisor at CVM of a SHRA employee and the employee has been out sick for three days, do I need to ask for a doctor’s note?

A. Not necessarily, unless your department has a Standard Operating Procedure in place. The CVM nor the University requires one. However, you do need to contact a member of CVM-Human Resources Staff as we are required by law to notify the employee of the FMLA policy. Please contact us for assistance. This also applies to EHRA employees.

Q. I Am a New Shra Employee and I Have Additional Questions Regarding My Employment. What Do I Do?

A. Please contact the CVM HR Team at

Q. I am a supervisor of an SHRA employee and it is the end of May and time for me to finish their appraisal. How do I determine the overall rating?

A. Good Question, based on the employee’s key responsibilities those that make up the greatest part of the employee’s job will be most heavily weighted. You can take into account the entire performance, but those responsibilities that are most important will have the greatest impact on the employee’s overall rating. The overall rating is not a mathematical average of each key responsibility. Annual Appraisal Form

Q. I Need to Get My Employment Verified for a Loan or Refinancing, or for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Who Should I Call?

A. You will need to contact University Records for these services. For employment verifications, we use a service called “The Work Number”. For public service loan forgiveness, you can complete the request online. Please visit their website with instructions and electronic request forms.

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Please submit your questions to CVM-Human Resources