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Human Resources – Standard Operating Procedures for Employees

Temporary Employees

In addition to University regulations, the College has the following procedures for hiring a temporary biweekly employee:

  1. Supervisor or Department Coordinator must complete the CVM Request To Hire form prior to the temporary employee has started any work.
  2. Departmental Coordinator initiates Department Head and Account Approval.
    1. 5-Ledger account require approval from CVM Research Office
    2. CVM Research Office will return Request to Departmental Coordinator
  3. Department Coordinator submits CVM Request to Hire form to CVM-HR for Dean’s Approval (Amendment 1/23/2009)
  4. CVM-HR will notify Department Coordinator via email if the request has been approved, and return the original to the department and retain a copy for CVM-HR VPAF approval records.
    1. Departmental Coordinator completes hire packet with Temporary Employee
      1. Temporary Employee completes Background Check Disclosure & Release form, sends directly to NC State’s Human Resources office, see section 3.
      2. Departmental Coordinator sends necessary forms to campus Payroll or Human Resources offices
  5. Departmental Coordinator enters hire request into VPAF
    1. CVM-HR approves action in VPAF
  6. Temporary Employee Categories
    1. Continuing Part-Time
      1. Temp employees who work less than 19 Hours per week
        1. Auto-termination End Date must be two years from the effective date of hire or equal to the end date of the 5-Ledger
    2. Intermittent
      1. Temp employees who work occasionally or sporadic assignments not to exceed 9 total months of employment during any continuous 12-month period
        1. None at CVM, will address on a case by case basis. See CVM-HR for additional information
    3. Retiree
      1. NC State, temp employees who are retirees of NC State University
      2. State of NC, temp employees who are retirees of an agency of the State of North Carolina, or another UNC System University
      3. Other, temp employees who are retirees receiving Social Security benefits or drawing retirement income from some other source
        1. Auto-termination End Date must be 2 years from the effective date of hire or equal to the end date of the 5-Ledger
    4. Student
      1. NC State, temp employees who are enrolled for the current upcoming semester at NC State University. Student status must be primary and working relationship is secondary to the student role
      2. UNC System, temp employees who are enrolled for the current upcoming semester at a university within the UNC System, other than NC State University
      3. Other, temp employees who are enrolled for the current upcoming semester in a post-secondary institution outside of the UNC System. Student Status must be primary, and the working relationship is secondary to the student role
        1. Auto-termination End Date must be equal to the student’s graduation date or equal to the end date of the 5- Ledger
    5. Temporary
      1. Temporary employees who work more 20 or more hours a week, FTE is .50 or higher
        1. Auto-termination End Date will be 11-months from the effective date of the hire, or to the end date of the 5-Ledger if less than 11-months
    6. Flat Rate Workers
      1. Are an EXCEPTION, require NC State Human Resources approval. Form is on NC State Human Resources website, under forms.
        1. Departmental Coordinator assists Supervisor in completing request form
        2. Additionally a CVM Request To Hire form should accompany the Flat Rate Request form, follow procedures above
        3. Request Form is sent to CVM-HR for review
        4. CVM-HR will initiate approval from Human Resources
        5. CVM-HR will notify Departmental Coordinator once request has been approved or denied
        6. Once approved the Departmental Coordinator can process hire request through VPAF using the approved job code
        7. Departmental Coordinator drafts payment schedule, provides copy to temporary employee, supervisor, and CVM-HR. Employees cannot be paid in advance for work, payment can be made in installments through the project
        8. Auto-termination End Date must equal the match the end date of the project submitted to Human Resources
        9. CVM-HR approves VPAF action request
  7. Background Checks
    1. The University will conduct background checks on persons hired for initial employment at the University, as well as current employees who change jobs or otherwise become subject to a background check as indicated in this regulation.
      1. Full-time NC State Students are exempt from needing background checks for employment
      2. All other temps require a background check clearance from NCSU-HR prior to the temporary assignment can begin.

EHRA Employees

SHRA Employees

Post Doc Employees

Visitor No-Pays

  • NC State student, faculty or staff
    • Any NC State student, faculty or staff with a valid All Campus Card may visit the CVM at any time. All Campus Card will be exchanged at the front desk for a temporary visitor badge. This badge will permit access to the Main and Research Buildings only. NC State student, faculty and staff cannot be provided parking passes.
  • Visitor 1 Day or less
    • Any person may visit for 1 day or less with no prior approval through the Visitor Program. All 1 day visitors must be met by faculty or staff and escorted into the building. These visitors may be provided a parking pass provided they are not affiliated with NCSU.
  • Visitors of more than 1 day but less than 30 days
    • Visitor Application must be completed on line a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the visit.
      1. A faculty/staff sponsor is required for all visitors.
        1. If a sponsor is identified on the application, sponsorship will be confirmed.
        2. If no sponsor is identified, a sponsorship request will be forwarded to the appropriate unit or group.
      2. Once sponsorship is confirmed, visitor will have Rabies and Waiver of Liability forms sent to them via email. These forms must be completed and returned before a visit can be approved. Forms cannot be delivered on the first day of the requested visit
      3. An approval letter will be sent to the visitor once paperwork is completed.
      4. A temporary visitor badge will be issued on the first day of the visit if needed.
      5. A parking pass may be issued for the first day of the visit. Visitors are required to purchase permits from transportation after that.
  • Visitors greater than 30 days
    • All of the requirements for visitors less than 30 days must be completed.
    • Additionally
      1. A background check must be completed by all visitors who are not NC State students, faculty, or staff.
      2. Unity ID
        1. All Unity ID requests must originate with and be confirmed by the Department with which the visitor is associated. There must be a compelling reason to initiate a request for Unity ID and access to internal University web sites. A Unity ID requires the visitor to be set up in the NCSU HR system as a no pay employee. This entails HR contacting the visitor to complete all tax forms and paperwork required of any student, faculty or staff. Dept will notify HR and the Visitor Coordinator with the Unity ID request
        2. This can only be completed after the visitor is approved. Access to specific areas within the Centennial Biomedical Campus will be requested by the Department.
        3. Badge will be activated for the period of the visit.
  • Visitor Parking: 
    • Metered parking spots are available for visitors.


2015 Approved College Visitors

REQUIRED: Rabies Waiver

REQUIRED: Volunteer Consent, Waiver, and Release of Liability

REQUIRED: Volunteer Consent, Release, and Waiver of Liability for a Minor

Managing Performance and Discipline

Contact Sheri Renno, Director of CVM-Human Resources

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