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Research Tour

Travel to the frontier of veterinary medicine.

Research Tour Map

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Meet world-renowned scientists, explore  career opportunities and learn about the many exciting discoveries taking place in the biomedical sciences and scientific research areas through interactive displays in the Research building area. Join us to learn about:


Your Barbecue is Under Attack! – Micro-organisms don’t just make humans sick but animals too!

Chewing the Cud – Learn how cows and sheep get help from their microbial friends to turn plants into food and methane!

Comparative Biomedical Graduate Student Association – Join us for Science Trivia

Comparative Biomedical Sciences Program – Information about CVM’s PhD/MS programs


Heart in a Dish – Stop by to look at cardiac stem cells.

Green Eggs and Green Ham – Find out about gene-edited pigs and biomedical research.

Gels for Cells – Learn how to use biomaterial mechanical properties to grow cells.

Sound of Music…For Cells – See how sound waves move cells!

Yikes…Is My Chicken Nugget Alive? – Check out how we measure electrical signals in tissue

3D-Printing You 2.0 – Have you ever seen a 3D bioprinter in action?

Disease Detectives – Solve some cases with us! Diagnosing Disease

Drugs for Bugs – Discover how we go from natural products to drugs

No Guts, No Glory – Check out intestinal stem cells

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