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Housing, Transportation and Area Information

Parking & Transportation

Visitors to the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) are responsible for arranging their own transportation for the duration of their visit.

The CVM is located on NC State’s Centennial Biomedical Campus, which is separate from the central University Campus. Because of this, visitors should plan accordingly for transportation costs or travel time needed.

Getting Here


There is plenty of parking available at the CVM. All parking is by permit only, and visitors can purchase short-term permits from NC State’s Transportation Office. Once a permit is purchased, visitors may park in any CC-Lot at the CVM, which include the Parking Deck and the surface lot next to the Blue Ridge Road entrance.

The Wolfline

Wolfline is NC State’s bus service, which travels throughout the University campuses and is free to use. The Wolfline is ideal for those moving between campuses or for visitors who are staying at NC State’s on-campus guest apartments. For more information and specific Wolfline schedules, click here.

A real-time interactive map of the Wolfline is available for those planning their route.

NC State Police Safety Escort

Visitors who have overnight shifts or find themselves on-campus late at night are welcome to contact NC State’s Police Department for a Safety Escort by calling the department dispatch at 919-515-3000.

Officers will make an effort to arrive quickly and escort visitors: from on-campus guest housing to the CVM; from the CVM to on-campus guest housing; from a building to their car. However, please be aware that if an emergency call comes in, officers may be asked to prioritize that call until it is resolved.

Guest Housing

Visitors to the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) are responsible for setting up their own accommodations.

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