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Turkey Coronavirus

The Turkey Coronavirus Workshop and 2nd Annual PEMS Workshop: Controlling the Disease was sponsored by Roche Animal Health in cooperation with the PEMS Task Force and NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. The workshop was held May 5-6, 1998, in Raleigh. In May 1999, Alpharma Inc. acquired the Roche Animal Health division. Alpharma Animal Health supports the poultry industry with professional people providing quality products and service to enhance your performance.

Proceedings & Technical Supplement of the Roche Turkey Coronavirus Workshop

This detailed proceedings serves as an excellent reference to the poultry industry. This proceedings book includes the case presentations and associated discussion, followed by discussions from panel members. The last section is provided as a supplemental reference with abstracts from current TCV research and other technical information.

flock of turkeys in field

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