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Strategic Plan:
Goal Three

Build research leadership and training
in animal and human health...

Goal Three: Four-Year Objectives

  1. Invest in research areas of excellence identified through strategic planning.
  2. Ensure success through a comprehensive program of mentoring to launch and sustain research programs.
  3. Cultivate collaborative, interdisciplinary and translational research that leverages our unique strengths.
  4. Ensure our training programs provide leading-edge biomedical education and research instruction.

  Measures of Success

  • Productivity and impact of our research.
  • Success in winning external support from federal, industry and foundation sources.
  • Graduate student success documented through awards, publications and employment outcomes.
  • Participation of our researchers in interdisciplinary activity outside the College.


 Goal 3 Objectives and Milestones

Invest strategically:

Invest in research areas of excellence identified through strategic planning


  • Strategically invest new research funding to provide the most efficient and impactful growth of our metrics by:
    • Providing bridging funds for faculty very close to moving to the next stage of their career
    • Investing in grant mentoring opportunities from successful writers
    • Providing pilot funding for faculty who have participated in grant mentoring but need more data to obtain success
    • Investing in equipment or personnel that improves faculty research efficiency

Increase training program infrastructure:

Ensure our training programs provide leading-edge biomedical education and research instruction


  • Provide monthly professional development programs that are open to all graduate students, post doctoral fellow and house offices on academic and industry career development
  • Provide every other month programs that culminate in the award of the Comparative Biomedical Teaching Certificate.
  • Provide biweekly and monthly grant writing mentorship for trainees pursuing federal funding opportunities.
  • Provide funded externship opportunities with industry partners for trainees interested in careers in industry


Ensure success through a comprehensive program of mentoring:

  1. Develop a program for mentoring & career advancement for Research Staff.


  • Develop a monthly meeting for research staff for networking and topic discussions
  • Develop a team of research staff volunteers who will provide input and serve as liaisons between staff and college leadership
  • Develop continuing education options for research staff under the direction of the research staff liaisons

2. Develop a program of mentoring for CVM post-doctoral fellows


  • Develop a faculty committee to oversee and develop a mentoring and educational program for post-doctoral fellows
  • Institute the first phase of a structured program that will provide career mentoring for post-doctoral fellows

Cultivate collaborative, interdisciplinary & translational research:

Improve College community awareness of ongoing research and collaborative opportunities


  • Redesign the Research internal website to provide research tools and networking information for both faculty and research staff
  • Develop research connection videos that provide information on ongoing research in brief, time efficient snippets
  • Use social media to provide updates on college faculty, staff and student research achievements