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Ricardo G. Maggi, MS, PhD

Research Professor, Internal Medicine

Office: 919.513.8273
Lab: Vector Borne Disease Diagnostics
Lab Phone: 919.513.8279

Ph.D. –Chemistry-Molecular Microbiology - University of Puerto Rico, USA
MS. –Chemistry –University of Puerto Rico, USA
Licentiate in Chemistry – Proteomics-National University of Córdoba, Argentina
Global Health, Infectious Diseases
Molecular microbiology of vector borne diseases and intracellular pathogens in animals and humans.

Development of molecular assays for the detection, diagnosis, and characterization of emerging and re-emerging zoonotic pathogens.

Dr, Ricardo Maggi has a background in proteomics from Argentina, and in molecular microbiology of fastidious microorganisms from the University of Puerto Rico. Ricardo joined North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005 as Research Assistant professor and became Research Associate Professor in 2012 focusing his research on vector-borne diseases. He became a Research Professor in 2020. He specializes in the design, development, and validation of in-vitro clinical diagnostic tests for the detection and characterization of emerging and re-emerging vector-borne pathogens in humans and animals.
During the last five years, his research focuses not only in the development of novel diagnostic serological, microbiological and molecular tests, but also the identification of prophylactic agents (vaccines), the characterization of mechanisms for microbial pathogenicity, and the development of diagnostic tests aimed at the identification of potential molecular markers for early detection of bacterial-induced cancers.
He has generated more than 120 peer-reviewed publications, lectured in several national and international scientific and clinical forums, and written over 7 book chapters pertaining to his research activities. His work has also lead to the creation of a North Carolina State University spinout biotech Company, Galaxy Diagnostics that provide CLIA diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of vector-borne pathogens in 48 States.

In addition to training of veterinary graduate students in his laboratory, he is actively involved in preparing undergraduate and graduate students for careers in clinical and basic research.
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