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Diagnostic Testing Lab
Department of Population Health and Pathobiology


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The Histology Lab offers a high degree of flexibility with the pathologists and research investigators that it serves. The lab accepts routine histology requests as well as specialized studies to facilitate the needs of clinicians and researchers throughout the CVM campus and for clients outside of the university system.

Microscopic view of dead tissue

Services for Referring Veterinarians

Routine Surgical Pathology Samples

  • Biopsy and masses with surgical margins
  • Liver Pathology
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Dermatopathology
  • Histopathology of  formalin fixed necropsy tissues  are accepted. Gross necropsies are not performed on referral  cases

Specimen Submission Guidelines

  1. Specimens should be submitted in 10% neutral buffered formalin in wide-mouthed, leak and shatter proof containers. The volume ratio of tissue to formalin must be at least 1:10 for proper fixation.Inadequate volumes of fixative or attempting to fix large specimens (whole kidney, large mass) will result in incomplete fixation, autolysis, and will delay processing of the sample. Formalin penetrates tissue at roughly 15 mm per day and the rate of penetration slows with the thickness of the tissue.  Optimal pathology results are impossible without proper fixation and some immunohistochemical tests may be erroneous.
  2. Containers must be labeled with names of the veterinarian, owner, and animal. If multiple samples are submitted from one animal, each tissue should be submitted in a separate container and labeled appropriately
  3. For margins check on mass excisions, please identify margins with sutures or a tissue ink and specify on submission form locations of each.Special stains if needed are included in the price of the original submission.  If your case can benefit from ancillary immunohistochemistry testing, it will be recommended in the report.  You may call Histology, 919 513-6390 to authorize the additional testing.

Tissues allowed to fix for 24 hour in appropriate amounts of formalin may be submitted in reduced amounts of fixative, decreasing the size and weight of the container and shipping requirements.

Reports will be faxed or e-mailed (your preference) to your clinic.  We do not send reports to owners.

Shipping Address –
NC State Surgical Pathology Service
College of Veterinary Medicine
NC State University
1060 William Moore Drive, C-310
Raleigh, NC  27607

Shipping of samples –  All responsibility for shipping compliance rests with the individual sending the package. Samples should always be “double bagged” with absorbent material for shipping. For local clients, samples may also be hand delivered to the admissions desk at the Small Animal Hospital.

Required Documentation


 Click to download form to complete and submit with samples.

  • Current prices for services are included on the form
  • Please provide a brief patient history/differentials and description of the tissue on the submission form.

Second Opinion Requests

  • If you would like a second opinion on a biopsy from another laboratory or if one of the Veterinary Hospital  services requests you send slides for a second opinion, please fill out the form below and fax to 919 513-6703.
  • Please let us know which lab is sending the slides and sign the authorization to bill your facility for the second opinion.
  • If your client is willing to pay for additional testing, please also indicate that immunohistochemistry is approved. A report will be sent back to you and to the Veterinary Hospital service if desired.
  • Slides sent without authorization for payment will not be read. 


Click to download form to complete for second opinion requests.

Services for Research and Teaching Specimens

Services Offered

    • Routine paraffin histology
    • Special Stains

      Click to view List

    • Immunohistochemistry

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    • Frozen sections
    • Glycol Methacrylate embedment, sectioning and staining
    • Training of technical staff and graduate students in immunohistochemistry and other special techniques
    • Additional services performed by request, please call for details
    • Pre-planning of Histology services for grants and other research proposals

Submitting Samples

Before submitting samples to our lab, please complete the Pre-authorization Form for Lab charges form (downloadable below) and have your accountant approve all information. If this is a teaching account with no expiration date, please put that information on the form. Send the completed form to Sandra Horton ( will receive a client account number to use with all submissions to any of the listed Labs. If you have specific employees or students who you authorize to use the account please list them on the form. By signing this client account form, you authorize the inter-departmental transfer (IDT) of funds from your account into the service laboratory account. Initially, you will be required to complete one form per account for any new or existing account.

Click to download

We strongly recommend you call ahead for information regarding the appropriate submission of research samples to the laboratory.  Research samples are assigned a pathology number for identification and billing purposes. Please fill out the Research Submission Form (downloadable below) and bring two (2) copies along with your histology materials.

 Click to download

Costs and Supplies

Paraffin Materials

Process, embed, microtome and one H&E Tissue already in a cassette
$ 8.30/cassette

Additional H&E of previously embedded block
$ 4.60/slide

Embed tissue into paraffin but not cut
$ 4.00/cassette

Unstained sections using special slides Probe on+ or super frost+
$ 3.90/slide

Step or serial sections of tissue on the same slide 4 sections per slide
$ 10.30/slide

Large paraffin blocks
$ 22.30/block

Additional Large H&E slides
$ 15.40/slide

Trim Tissues into cassettes
$ 1.75/cassette

Sections into PCR Tubes
$ 2.60/tube

Special Stains

Routine specials
$ 14.40/slide

Silver specials
$ 19.90/slide

Frozen Sections

Snap freeze tissues(infiltrating them if needed)
$ 8.00/tissue

Cutting slides from a block
$ 4.20/slide


Histopathology lab provides antibodies
$ 32.30/slide

Researcher provides primary antibody
$ 27.10/slide

Enzyme Histochemistry

Check with lab for listing of available tests
$ 24.00 slide

Glycol Methacrylate

Process tissue, embed and cut one slide with a H&E
$ 28.30/tissue

Special stains
Price upon request

Retrospective studies and Archived Materials

Retrospective searches of pathology materialsl
No Cost 

Retrieving Blocks and slides from archived material
$13.10/15 minutes

Biomaterials – Technovitt

Price upon request- material used and size of tissue and implant determines cost.

The laboratory supplies cassettes as part of the paraffin block charge.  Please call the lab to discuss the type and size of cassette you need for your submission. 24 hour notice for pick up is greatly appreciated

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to supply fixatives and containers.  Small amounts of 10% Neutral buffered formalin, Davidson’s fixative and Bouins may be purchased from the lab. Decalcification solutions; RDO, 10% formic acid and EDTA may also be purchased.

Call the lab, phone number (919) 513-6390, one week in advance, to be sure all solutions are in stock.

John Cullen, VMD, PhD, DACVP, FIATP

Population Health and Pathobiology

Sandra Horton, HT

Population Health and Pathobiology