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Katie Sheats, DVM, Ph.D, DACVIM

Assistant Professor Equine Primary Care

Office: 919.608.3016

Dr. Mary Katherine Sheats (nickname: "Katie") is an Assistant Professor of Equine Primary Care at NC State. Her research focus is on neutrophil mediated diseases that affect horses and humans, including asthma. Dr. Sheats is a native North Carolinian and grew up riding and showing hunter jumpers in the Triad region. She now lives in New Hill, NC with her husband, 2 boys, 10 chickens and 2 retired pleasure horses.
Member, NC State Comparative Medicine Institute, Translational Physiology and Pharmacology
Member, Veterinary Comparative Thoracic Society
Member, Comparative Gastroenterology Society
Member, American Association of Equine Practitioners
Member, One Health Commission
Member, Society of Leukocyte Biology
Member, North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association
Member, American Society for Cell Biology
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (LA)
Certificate of Reflective Teaching
Biological Barriers, Global Health, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Spontaneous Animal Disease Models
Dr. Sheats's research focuses on the innate immune system and the role neutrophils play in host defense and host injury. Her long term research goal is to identify regulators of the innate immune response and neutrophil function that could serve as targets for new types of anti-inflammatory therapies. Dr. Sheats is currently conducting research to determine whether a host protein known to regulate neutrophil functions is a viable therapeutic target for combating neutrophil-mediated tissue damage during diseases such as asthma and salmonella gastroenteritis. Dr. Sheats's goal is that one day her translational research will benefit both humans and horses.
As a clinician scientist and large animal internal medicine specialist, Dr. Sheats is also interested in clinical research that can help diagnose, treat and prevent disease in horses. Her current clinical interest is to identify new biomarkers of intestinal ischemia in horses with colic. The goal of this research would be to develop a diagnostic tool that could one day help veterinarians accurately identify which horses with colic have intestinal strangulation.
As coordinator of the Equine Primary Care Program, Dr. Sheats is working with equine private practice veterinarians to establish "best practices" for training equine focused veterinary students through a university-private practice partnership. Dr. Sheats is conducting educational studies relevant to veterinary student communication training and competency tracking during distributive preceptorships.

  • Katie Sheats NCBI Publications
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