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The dermatology program provides advanced clinical training and specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases of small and large animals under the supervision of three board-certified specialists. Faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in their respective fields.

Training is designed to ensure development of clinical competence in dermatology by facilitating development of clinical proficiency, clinical skills, and knowledge of dermatology through exposure to a variety of cases at all levels of complexity.

This program has three main areas of special interest:

  • Ear Diseases. We assist referring veterinarians in the diagnosis and management of both acute and chronic otitis in dogs and cats.
  • Allergic Skin Diseases. We specialize in managing dogs and cats with allergic diseases, especially those with atopic dermatitis.
  • Autoimmune Skin Diseases. We have expertise in the diagnosis and management of autoimmune skin diseases of companion animals.

A veterinary dermatologist is a veterinarian who has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of animals with benign and malignant disorders of the skin, mouth, hair and nails. A veterinary dermatologist also has had significant training and is experienced in the treatment of allergic disorders. They have completed a residency (specialty training) program in diseases of the skin, and they have passed a board examination certifying their expertise in this field. These individuals are recognized as specialists (“diplomates”) by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology, one of the specialty organizations affiliated with the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Learn about our dermatology clinical service

The Dermatology Service is renowned for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic and autoimmune skin diseases as well as otitis (ear inflammation and infections). Our veterinary dermatologists have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of companion animals with any type of skin, mouth, ear, hair or claw diseases

dermatologist inspects dog