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Fernanda Lopes-Kubitza

Asst Clinical Professor

CVM Research Building NA


Dr. Lopes-Kubitza received her veterinary degree from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2002. Following graduation, she worked in private practice as general practitioner for a year. Her interest in dentistry developed since she was a veterinary student. She participated as clinical instructor collaborator at the Comparative Dentistry Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine College of University of Sao Paulo and got her master degree in Veterinary Science in 2009, studying dental pathology in maned wolves in the same university. She performed a part-time residency in Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, NJ, under supervision of Dr. James Anthony, while living and working in Sao Paulo (Brazil). She is one of the founding fellows of the Veterinary Dentistry Brazilian Association. Her clinical and research interests include restorative dentistry, endodontics and periodontology. Dr. Lopes-Kubitza lives with her husband and their three dogs (Spike, Belinha and Wandinha), and loves spending time with them. She is a foodie who enjoys gardening and traveling.


Foundation of Veterinary Dentistry
Brazilian Veterinary Dentistry Association