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Strategic Planning

Our strategic plan drives our mission and establishes a framework for success.

Our 2023 Strategic Plan Refresh

We have made admirable strides in implementing the strategies we set forth in our 2016-2022 Strategic Plan. 

Currently in Spring 2023, we are diligently working with AMC Strategies to gather input from College leadership, faculty, staff, and trainees to refresh the CVM goals and strategies for the next three to five years. You can see an outline of our strategic plan refresh timeline below

The 2016-2022 Strategic Plan

Read the Plan

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Strategic Plan was created by our whole community. It understands the lessons of the past, and looks to the future and the changing world in which we live. The plan was originally developed to span 2016 to 2020. Because of the pandemic, the current strategic plan has been extended to 2022.

The CVM will continue to focus on completing strategic plan goals as we begin working with our community to develop an updated plan in 2022.

The plan is written around five goals, designed to work together to achieve our mission of improving animal and human health. Each goal has specific objectives that we’re working to accomplish by 2022. Read the plan online or download to your desktop.

Since the initial development of the strategic plan, the CVM community also developed new core values to help improve our college culture. You can read the core values here.


Explore Our Goals

Goal 1

Build an inclusive college community and a culture of pride and integrity… 

Goal 2

Deliver world-class education that produces highly successful veterinarians… 

Goal 3

Build research leadership and training in animal and human health… 

Goal 4

Deliver compassionate, state-of-the art care in a dynamic educational environment 

Goal 5

Strategically invest in targeted programmatic areas… 

Progress Reports