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Strategic Planning

Our strategic plan drives our mission and establishes a framework for success.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Trainee-Centered Learning

Lead in preparing adaptable, career-ready professionals.

Goal 2: Life-Changing Research

Be an internationally recognized, collaborative research enterprise.

Goal 3: Innovative, Patient-Centered Care

Deliver compassionate, state-of-the- art care in a dynamic educational environment.

Goal 4: Impactful Partnerships

Strengthen partnerships and community engagement.

Goal 5: Thriving College Community

Build a common sense of purpose, pride, and belonging.

Our Strategic Plan Refresh

In Fall of 2022, the College of Veterinary Medicine began working with AMC Strategies to refresh our 2016-2022 strategic plan. College leadership, faculty, staff, and trainees all worked together to create a refreshed plan that updated our goals and strategies, focusing on the future of the CVM as we navigate new challenges and celebrate new successes.

The new plan was completed in Fall of 2023. Our first progress report will be completed in May of 2024.

Previous Strategic Plans

Read the plan online or download to your desktop.

Since the initial development of the strategic plan, the CVM community also developed new core values to help improve our college culture. You can read the core values here.